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Therapeutic yoga is a holistic mind-body approach to mental health designed to balance mind and body and to calm all levels of being (body, energy/breath, emotions, thoughts, and spirit). . Unlike the asana (posture)-based yoga class one would get at a regular yoga studio, therapeutic yoga uses a variety of mind-body practices to address and transcend the physical and emotional impact of anxiety, depression, stress, chronic illness, and to focus on the parts of your body where you are strong in order to reconnect to one’s energy, passion, and purpose. Offered to individuals, couples, families (parent-child), and in groups, sessions are customized to meet clients’ individual needs for growth and healing.   

Therapeutic yoga at Well-Being Center is offered by mental health therapists who are also certified yoga instructors. All sessions are one-hour in duration. These services can be offered in conjunction with psychotherapy for managing anxiety, depression, or other medical and mental health issues.  Please note that insurance does not cover most therapeutic yoga sessions.   

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