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More than just psychotherapy : enriching your mind, body, life

More than just psychotherapy : enriching your mind, body, lifeMore than just psychotherapy : enriching your mind, body, life

Virtual Reality Therapy

Well-Being Center offers short-term Virtual Reality (VR) therapy for fear of driving, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, and fear of public speaking. VR treatment typically lasts 4-8 sessions; for optimal results, daily practice outside the therapy session is required. VR therapy is not covered by insurance; and is offered in 4 session packages for $375.00     

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback for Chronic Stress

Humans are not physiologically equipped to deal with chronic stress. With chronic stress, our nervous system stays in a continual state of “fight or flight” and never learns to relax. The impact of chronic stress on your nervous system can be measured through heart rate variability (HRV). Through breathing and biofeedback training, people with chronic stress can train their nervous systems to relax. Well-Being Center uses biofeedback technology to monitor your heart rate variability and breathing training using biofeedback technology to help bring your cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems back into a state of balance and relaxation.     

In recent studies, poor heart rate variability has been linked to mental health problems trauma, anxiety, and depressed mood, as well as to medical problems such as ADHD, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. HRV biofeedback training has not only been shown to improve mood and physiological stress, but also concentration and athletic performance.    

HRV biofeedback for chronic stress is not covered by insurance. After the initial evaluation, HRV training sessions can be completed in 20 minutes. Well-Being Center offers a 6 session introductory HRV biofeedback training package for $200.     

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