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More than just talk therapy: enriching your mind, body, life

Talk Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

For those experiencing ongoing problems as a result of depression, anxiety, prior trauma, or loss, Well-Being Center provides experienced, caring therapists to help you feel better, cope better, and alleviate the negative impact of the problem in your everyday life and on your relationships.   

Almost everyone experiences overwhelming stress, anxiety, or depression at some point in their lives.  It’s not always about what the problem is, it’s about what it does  – often robbing individuals of energy, passion, and connection; keeping them stuck in place.  We utilize proven psychotherapies that not only alleviate the problem, but also repair your connection to others, including Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Problem-Solving, Interpersonal, Somatic, and Resilience-based EMDR in a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.   

 Our psychotherapies involve more than just talk; many include mind-body techniques (movement and yoga, meditation, and creative arts) that are designed to bring the mind and body into balance, and to alleviate anxious or depressed feelings from the inside out.  Well-Being Center therapists also utilize your natural strengths and resilience to help you not only feel better, but also to grow and accomplish your dreams.   

Child and Adolescent Therapy

If your child is struggling with self-image, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues, Well-Being Center provides experienced child-friendly therapists who will utilize your child’s strengths to implement proven solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral techniques in a safe and supportive environment.  Typically, this type of therapy is shorter in duration and involves the use of tools and activities both inside and outside of therapy.  Parents or other caregivers may be asked to participate in selected therapy sessions.

Couples Therapy

 According to relationship expert, Terry Real, PhD: "Any fool can fall in love; it takes two adults to stay in love."  Stephanie Schneider MS, LPC works with well-established couples who have hit a major bump in the road – be it boredom, infidelity, pent-up anger, emotional limitations, or couples who have drifted apart.  Using authenticity and humor, Stephanie will assess where you are stuck and what got you there, and then help you, individually and as a couple, decide how you want to move forward.   This type of therapy can be messy at times, and requires honesty, maturity, and a willingness to both stretch yourself and to work on changing yourself.  But it can also be remarkably rewarding; resulting in increased intimacy and clarity, letting go of old hurts and pain, and redefining the relationship in a more realistic, but not any less romantic way.


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