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Surviving Cancer Competently

  A diagnosis of cancer or any serious illness can be difficult, painful, and carry a lot of uncertainty for both patients and their families.  Even in the best of situations, cancer can leave patients feeling somewhat isolated, while loved ones feel helpless and may walk on eggshells, worried about voicing their fears, worries, or concerns.     

Research shows that coping is enhanced when communication between with spouses or partners, parents, and families is open, supportive, and integrative in perspective. Resilience is enhanced when couples, parents, and families can make sense of what is happening together, identify and discuss challenges openly and apply their mutual strengths and resources to foster a shared sense of purpose.   

Well-Being Center is pleased to offer two short-term resilience building programs that address the competence needed to deal with the cancer experience - one for couples (From Me to We) and the other for parents of children with cancer (Surviving Cancer Competently).    

From Me to We is a 4-session program that helps couples build relational resilience through sharing their perspectives, concerns, challenges and strengths. Using reflective questions, worksheets, empathic listening and mindfulness techniques, the therapist will help couples create an integrative narrative about how the cancer is impacting them, discuss challenges they face separately and together, and identify and apply their strengths and resources, with the goal of creating a strong relational roadmap for coping with cancer together.   

Surviving Cancer Competently is brief (4-5 session) intervention for parents or caregivers of children diagnosed with cancer, that combines cognitive-behavioral and family systems therapies to help caregivers talk about their fears, worries and needs in a safe and supportive environment.  Using helpful worksheets and tools, Surviving Cancer Competently also helps caregivers problem solve how they will support each other and their child / other children, and keep family functions going while adjusting to the “new normal.”

Surviving Cancer Competently was developed by an interdisciplinary team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Well-Being Center’s Clinical Director, Stephanie Schneider, MS, LPC was part of the intervention’s implementation team at CHOP, and is currently the lead national trainer for Surviving Cancer Competently.     To learn more about From Me to We or Surviving Cancer Competently, please complete the form below.     


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